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Below is a description of the Senior Mastery Process and the different requirements for this class.

Stay on top of deadlines and you will do well in this class.

Junior Workshop is the first phase of the Senior Mastery Process. In this 12-week, technology rich course, students explore their personal strengths, explore various career pathways, and begin to experience the world of work and employment. Junior Workshop prepares students for their Senior Practicum, in which students are employed in an off-campus career internship. Junior Workshop students begin by exploring their personal strengths and weaknesses, identifying their three best traits, and piecing together the positive things they have done in their lives. Using a program called Career Cruising, students begin to see what types of careers and jobs would best suit them. Students narrow down their lists to two target careers, begin to develop realistic academic timelines, and draft their first resumes. Finally, students participate in Mock Interviews.
Professionals from The Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company, and various other institutions, sit on panels and interview students in a real, high-pressure interview situation. All student-work and findings are compiled in a Final Reflection which serves as a record of this critical starting point in HFA’s Senior Mastery Process.

Below is a list and brief description of the assignments for this class.

The rubric for grading essays is at the bottom of the page.

Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

Using a typical 5 paragraph essay structure, (introduction/thesis sentence paragraph, 3 paragraphs that make up the body of the essay, and a concluding paragraph), students will discuss 2 or 3 strengths and 2 or 3 weaknesses. Specific examples that illustrate a strength or weakness should be given. How strengths help develop a career and how weaknesses can be improved should be discussed.

Three Traits Essay

Using a 5 paragraph essay structure, student will discuss 3 traits that define their character. A trait isn’t a bad habit or a current idea. Being open and honest, being short tempered, being caring are examples of traits that are a part of a person’s personality no matter what the situation may be.


Students will sum up their life experiences from as early as can be remembered to the present. The goal is to continue to look inward to discover who we are. In this case it is by reviewing important life experiences.

Career Crusin' Exercise

Career Cruising is a web site. www.careercruising.com . Students will log into the site, user name is HFA, password is dearborn. After creating an EDP login, students answer a series of questions and the program will generate a list of possible career choices. Students will prepare an oral presentation that discusses the career options given and what it takes to follow that career; such as education needed, job opportunities and income levels for that career. The discussion should include a list of the top 5 and3 that the student would seriously consider pursuing.

Mission Statement

After the first 4 exercises in self discovery, the students will write a 1 to 2 sentence statement about who they are or what they will be.

Resume and Interview

Students will create a professional resume. (Career Cruising has an excellent tutorial on resumes.)
Students will participate in a mock interview where they will be graded on appearance, poise and interviewing skills.

Final Reflection

The final activity for this class is to reflect on what was discovered and what was learned through out the class and to create a final essay. This is the first part of the student paper required in Senior Workshop.

Essay Rubric